Best Cat harness for Walking & Clothing Cats

Best Cat harness for Walking & Clothing Cats

With many councils in Australia tightening the laws around cats outdoors, and implementing curfews – more and more people are looking to keep their cats indoors, and given them some time outside on a harness.

We have walked our cat on a harness for many years, and can attest that cats (even adult ones) can adapt to harness walking.

Some pet ‘pawrents’ also enjoy dressing kitty up, some of these harnesses can also be used as cat clothing.

Which harness to buy?

Buy a secure, small sized harness – suitable for a puppy, small rabbit or cat. Harnesses can be bought online, or in a pet store. Buy a size which fits snuggly on your cat, as cats are very adept at getting out of tricky situations – including harnesses.

Here are our recommendations for harnesses:

Clover and Co 

Their x-small harnesses are perfect for kitties. Colourful, fun and interesting. They’re Australian made, and good quality.

 Moo & Twig 

Beautiful vegan leather – well made, fun patterns. Moo & Twigs xsmall sized harnesses will fit most kitties. The collections have bow-ties to match – which will keep your kitty looking very dapper

Penny and Me 

If your cats is older, slower and less likely to run off or wriggle out – a non-expandable collar may be an option. Due to cats jumping and climbing – a typical collar (without elastic) is not recommended. However, for walking purposes, you can use a typical small dog collar to hold the lead – so long as you take it off after your walk. Cats need the elastased collar, so they do not strangle themselves while jumping/climbing.

A Penny and Me collar, in xs sizing is perfect for this purpose


These guys have great, reasonably priced designer-style harnesses. They don’t have an x-small sizing, and finish as ‘Small’ – so are better suited to larger kitties. Their patterns are adorable, and their goods very well made.

 Love Rosetta Franco

 If you love a bit of bling, and your kitty is able to be walked with a collar (see point 3), Love Rosetta Franco collars will be your thing.

 Lazzy Larry 

These guys also have xs collars, suitable for walking kitty. High quality, lovely colours.

 Leashes and Leads:

 You may like to consider a leash also, as you’ll need something to keep that kitty in line.

Here is our recommendations for Leashes


Colourful, wellmade & resonably priced. You’ll look very stylish with a Dharf lead