Tips for finding the best Baby Shower Gift

Tips for finding the best Baby Shower Gift

If you need a gift to celebrate a baby shower or a newborn baby – iLoveAustralian is a fabulous place to start looking. We have some tips for you, to help you buy a wonderful gift for the new baby and mum-to-be.

Things to consider when buying gifts for babies and newborns:

Spoil the New Mum (and other Parent) 

Newborns are hard work! When getting a gift for bub, why not get something little for mum too. Check out our Gifts collection for ideas. Baby AND mum gifts are always well received.

Practical Gifts

Everyone has different nursery preferences, different colour schemes and a wide array of hand-me-downs and previous gifts. So we suggest buying practical gifts, which are also beautiful. Buy gifts which will always be useful – like bibs, blankets, rattles, bath toys.

Boy or Girl 

Some parents keep babies gender a secret, others will tell you. Either way, gender doesn’t really matter when it comes to gifts as we suggest not selecting something based on gender or typical boy or girl colours – but selecting something gender neutral.

Gender neutral

Gender neutral gifts can be useful, as they can be handed down, and used again for the next baby/cousin/friend.

Non toxic gifts

Non toxic gifts are important for young children – so be aware of where the items are made. Toxic paints for instance can cause problems if children chew on toys. We’re advocates of buying Australian Made goods, and from local small Australian brands – so that you can be sure they are adhering to local standards. See an example of a fabulous locally made wooden plane here

Unique ideas

Unique ideas for gifts are sought-after – and that can be a hard task. We suggest personalising a kids towel (see ours here), for instance as a unique gift for bub.

Baby Showers are great fun, lovely way to connect with old friends, see the new mum and look forward to meeting bub. Enjoy!

Other reasons for buying gifts

First Birthday, Christenings, First Christmas – these can all be times to buy bub a fabulous little gift. Check out our kids collection for ideas.