What is #iLoveAustralian's Mission & Values? 

#iLoveAustralian was born from a small blog, frustrated that we couldn't buy small + local easily. We're committed to supporting small business generously, to giving back more than we take & lifting up the voices of the marginalised. We proudly support businesses built by those from diverse backgrounds -  Indigenous businesses, NDIS-approved & accessable businesses. 

How does #iLoveAustralian work? 

#iLoveAustralian lists products and services from locally owned small businesses and when you select "Buy Now" you are taken directly to their website.

You can search the collections for all kinds of products - ranging from Food & Beverage, Clothing, Beauty & Skincare, Jewellery, Bed & Bath, Gifts, Kids, Art, Pets, Outdoors & Fitness.

Who are the suppliers? 

Our suppliers are Australian owned, small businesses. They are based all over the country - from regional Queensland to urban centres such as Perth and Adelaide. They're passionate small business owners, and love bringing beautiful products to life. Thank you for supporting them.

Right now, #iLoveAustralian is a free service to help our small brands survive this difficult environment. We profile their goods, and you buy directly with them. Every dollar you spend goes directly to their small business.

Small business - how do I get my product listed? 

If you'd like to become a supplier, or suggest someone to us - please do. We're always on the lookout for beautiful, high quality brands and services to support. Email us at laura@iloveaustralian.com.au or contact us on socials.

Customers - how can I support small businesses?

  • Have a browse of #iLoveAustralian, find some goods you love and support local brands
  • Tell your fam & friends about us, and encourage them to shop Small and Local
  • Follow #iLoveAustralian on Facebook & Instagram, and share products that grab your attention to help promote our local brands
  • Suggest local brands to us!

Customers - I have an issue with one of the products I purchased from a supplier what should I do? 

Please contact that supplier directly. Before you purchase, we highly recommend that you review the terms of service on any external website that is connected to #ILoveAustralian. We do not have any responsibility relating to the purchase of any products or service from an external website. Also, each supplier will have different terms of service so please read this prior to making any purchase.

What are your policies? 

Firstly, we treat EVERYONE with respect.  Other policies can be found here:




How do I contact #iLoveAustralian?

Contact email: laura@iloveaustralian.com.au & david@iloveaustralian.com.au