Big Calm Scarf - by Carla McRae

Big Calm Scarf - by Carla McRae

Bravery Co.
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Bravery Co. was created by Emily. A dreamer and a traveller, a collector and a designer, she spent her days as an Art Director in a bubble of colour and happiness.

Then she got sick. She got cancer. Not once, but twice.

And do you know what, she beat it. Not once, but twice!
Inspired by her experiences she is hunting headscarves for cancer patients around in the hope to give bravery to others.

This design is about the positive power of the ocean — swimming and the sensation of muscles awakening with each stroke made; and a feeling of weightless and free, finding a sense of calm and contentment, reconnecting with nature and the self.

10% of scarf profits go to cancer research to help end this cancer nonsense.



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