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The ultimate Play like Coco Kit that your little one will absolutely love! Great for a variety of ages, and perfect as a gift for either your own, or someone else's children.

We refer to this as the "Rolls Royce" of all Kits! We've covered all bases and included a variety of different toys and activities that will not only grow with your child (so great value for money) but will also provide multiple opportunities for fun playing and learning. Most items are reusable and the way in which you play with them will change to suit your child's age and needs.

As a Play like Coco point of difference, we've created Activity Cards which explain why each item has been selected and provides examples of different ways to use the items to encourage general play, and as importantly, learning.  We even provide different types of questions you may ask your little ones to challenge their thinking and expand their knowledge and vocabulary. Ultimately we want you and your little one to have the most amazing experience with this Play like Coco Kit!

    What you'll find in this Play like Coco Kit is: 

    • A Play like Coco storage bag to keep the items in this kit in
    • mierEdu Wipe-Clean Card Letter Set - we absolutely love this item and use it daily!
    • mierEdu A Magnetic Shapes Art Case - so much fun and learning in a box!
    • A Try-N-Spy activity book- be detectives together and develop concentration skills
    • Set of non-toxic and washable First Creations Easi-Grip Chalk (such a cute set of chalk and so fun to draw with!)
    • An engaging "Lift-a-Flap" First Words reading book- great for fine motor skills and vocabulary development
    • A Colour-by-Number colouring book (always a favourite!)
    • A blank drawing pad so your little ones imagination can run wild
    • High quality non-toxic First Creations Crayons with their very own carry case
    • Colours, shapes and more flash cards (a great tool to help develop skills and knowledge)
    • A number line which is a great tool that will last well into the first few years of your children's schooling
    • A wooden clock puzzle which challenges your children's understanding of concepts such as shapes, colours and time
    • A colouring book (who doesn't love a colouring book!)
    • An alphabet strip which is a great visual and tool to have at home
    • Numbers 0-25 flash cards - so many uses for these cards; a must have in any home
    • Shape and Number Poster - an engaging poster to display at home
    • A little surprise for more play, learning and fun at home

      All of our Kits also come with an information card which provide example activities that children can do to get the most use of the products within the Kit. Our Play like Coco General Play Kit has information cards on each and every product within the Kit! You'll be surprised with how much you can do!

      Please note at times due to stock availability some items may change but don't worry they will still be super awesome!

      Items in this Play like Coco Kit are suitable for children of ages 3+.

      These are such fun activities to do together with your little ones so please supervise children at all times and do not leave them unattended while using any of the products supplied.

      Happy playing!