Jewellery plate

Jewellery plate

Paxxy and Flora
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⋒ The most delicate little jewellery plate you ever did see

⋒ Finished in a pastel purple with clear gloss, with the raw creamy underside showing at the upturned edges

⋒ Each plate has been very carefully hand sculpted to create the delicate frilled edge only 1-2mm thick

⋒ Given the very delicate nature this piece is best left on display

⋒ Food safe

⋒ Approximate dimensions

1 - 14cm x 13cm x 3cm

2 - 15cm x 9cm x 2cm

Search ‘petal’ on to find other colours in this style.

Due to the delicate nature, this piece must be handled with care. Stoneware is a tough material however drops or bumps on hard surfaces may cause chips or breakage.