Sisters Inside - FreeHer Campaign

Sisters Inside - FreeHer Campaign

Sisters Inside is run by Debbie Kilroy, and supports a crowdfunding program called FreeHer.

FreeHer crowd funds, to pay the fines of Indigenous women who have been incarerated for minor crimes and fines which no white woman would be jailed for.

From Debbie's site:

" At Sisters Inside, we believe that no one is better than anyone else. People are neither "good" nor "bad" – our environment and life circumstances play a major role in how we behave. Improved opportunities can lead to a major transformation in criminalised women's lives.

Complex factors lead to women and girls' entering and returning to prison. Criminalisation is usually the outcome of repeated and intergenerational experiences of violence, poverty, homelessness, child removal and unemployment, resulting in complex health issues and substance use. First Nations women and girls are massively over-represented in prison due to the racism at the foundation of systems of social control."

Please support the important work of Sisters Inside and FreeHer by donating here.